road to nowhere, road to everywhere

  blissful greyness brigades of sleepless nights moving fast, moving slow burning in serendipity glaciers break we fall in sequences squeezing for redemption battlefields of dead souls why so many sad eyes in happy faces wholeness is a matter of perception take a ride with yourself to nowhere, but everywhere pum pum poom poom poom pum […]

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this is how things are

You are what I’m not Not what I want to be A circle around the sun To circumvent our minds Our friends say it was magic but we know the truth it’s getting dark soon and I can’t see clearly anymore We were in the north succumbing to the flirtatious sounds of the birds only to realise it […]

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Time to rest Time to be the best Time to create Time to disintegrate Time to be-have fun Time to gaze outside the window Glimpse No time to discover a seductive beach In the middle of nowhere On the verge of a sunset that submerges you into oblivion Infinite apocalypses                    No time to test […]

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