summer nights

dancing caricatures on the wall. a cold beer on the terrace. sculptured letters on the floor. the moonlight is like laser in our eyes. summer nights. too hot to cuddle, too hot not to. a small speaker that produces loud sounds. low battery. meeting of the eyes. a light breeze caresses the unruly hair. pricky skin. cold beer […]

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night owl

besides he had lost his existence for a tiny wee mini second. maybe for more. he was staring at the far end. an empty look. he was thinking. yeah, he was thinking of something. maybe football. maybe what he had for dinner. or maybe of a girl. why are your eyes so small? i didn’t […]

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it could be love

purple sky, it’s orangish now oh wait maybe staring at the top of the scene we might be holding hands but it’s pretty over there bittersweet images breed nostalgia the voice of a song sung in public in my head it’s always special fearless crows ignore the bones i might love the situation it’s all […]

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Freckles in the sun

Acceptance does not necessarily imply embracement. It simply urges one to acknowledge that a certain situation/fact exists, with all the good and bad side. So for instance when someone asks you to accept capitalism, you don’t need to embrace its ideals, but accept that it exists and try to find a way to fight it. The same […]

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Internet but life

a playground of nice feelings interferes with the dust in our minds and creates an apocalyptic sense of absorption a faithless courage and a distinctive heart overlap and poison our bodies we write our mantras in permanent ink searching for hope in our unpredictable future malicious thoughts of a freedom free of norms and preconditions merchandised and bottled around […]

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Too great to expect

Too tight to set loose But here we go again Trickles of uneasy laughs Glasses of desperation But it all seemed fine We said nothing to not say some thing And it was fine Teasing friendly strangers To protect ourselves Dancing with friendly strangers To enjoy ourselves It’s all part of the game I don’t […]

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Time to rest Time to be the best Time to create Time to disintegrate Time to be-have fun Time to gaze outside the window Glimpse No time to discover a seductive beach In the middle of nowhere On the verge of a sunset that submerges you into oblivion Infinite apocalypses                    No time to test […]

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