life as a river that quivers floats on a flowing reality of dubious quality where a ubiquitous authority drags the boat to the shore with no remorse it rewards the best-looking boat where is the prize for the garbage scow the uninvited arrive late but are the ones who bring the change if you want to retain […]

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the battles matter

my life in line with my tonic faith to grow and flow through uncorrupted modes on a civilised swing i believe i can dream big is only what i do not what i say i don’t care about my name it’s better to live in silence and discover the flame undercover infiltrated emperor flicks through […]

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soldiers in peace fatal wounds don’t underscore the tombs  cryptic sights caress my eyes  drawn to explosions and nights of flashing lights  a cry of marvel and shame my feelings on ale search for the need to belong no more is this the truth beats of another era a glass of sangria will do my […]

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Thinking backwards

a trip an obnoxious drip that ceased to gawk at the moonlight after a thousand silicon nights. i heard an unsatisfying noise proclaiming a dead-end, suffocating spirits in digits and limitless flashing feuds. flash.light.the mighty light.the adventurous side of things. eskimos in the fridge. banned for life, sinking in my attire, the duress to dress to […]

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Club 51 not everyone wants to be free otherwise the trees would still breath a circular validity, cashed-out dignity. i’m certified, dried and hypnotised don’t tell me how to fly you are supposed to expose those who lie it’s a different kind, no words, no rights, only Santas dressed in white fears for those who […]

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