life as a river that quivers

floats on a flowing reality

of dubious quality

where a ubiquitous authority

drags the boat to the shore

with no remorse

it rewards the best-looking boat

where is the prize for the garbage scow

the uninvited arrive late

but are the ones who bring the change

if you want to retain


you need to master your soul

but it’s the mind that thinks

and builds truths and propositions

reminding you of your failed acquisitions

there is a long path you need to go

to erase the faulty code

but it’s worth the try

listen to your heart before you die


the battles matter

my life in line with my tonic faith to grow and flow through uncorrupted modes on a civilised swing i believe i can dream big is only what i do not what i say i don't care about my name it's better to live in silence and discover the flame undercover infiltrated emperor flicks through the veins of a beating core eyes wide open sometimes can't see the sky but spot the cloud that is about to dry it's hard to care when others don't dare to spare a moment they're scared fresh air is all i need for my senses to breathe the light is closer each time i surrender my thoughts a flashing angel on the phone it's all i need to know
soldiers in peace

fatal wounds don't underscore the tombs 
cryptic sights caress my eyes 
drawn to explosions and nights
of flashing lights 
a cry of marvel and shame 
my feelings on ale
search for the need to belong
no more is this the truth 
beats of another era
a glass of sangria will do
my mornings are filled with black
circles inside my head 
ferocious dreams circumvent the spirit
of a broken soul 
fatality, fading abnormality

where do you go when you need to rest
do you ponder and digest 
what life has brought onto your chest
i'd rather just forget everything that makes me quest
it's not a resignation 
it's a full time reservation to crystal days
glorify the pain and learn from the drain 
don't want to drown into disdain 
accomplish perfect frames 
beautiful shapes, glittering shades
hey! pause for a little and bargain with the devil
your cards are worth every single penny 
besiege your only home that is your brain 
through colourful bridges chow mein 

Thinking backwards

a trip an obnoxious drip that ceased to gawk at the moonlight after a thousand silicon nights. i heard an unsatisfying noise proclaiming a dead-end, suffocating spirits in digits and limitless flashing feuds. flash.light.the mighty light.the adventurous side of things. eskimos in the fridge. banned for life, sinking in my attire, the duress to dress to impress. a bold fest. how come and we all want to reach the crest? i wonder, an unscrupulous beholder. i fold the sheets, roam the city’s dirty streets, uncanny dreams. do you want to see what i see when i sleep? my life’s in control of me sometimes it’s hard to believe, great times are ahead. a face behind the smoke. hands in the pockets. your eyes on fire.


“Hey, stop doing that!”



“Don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You’re a goofball.”

Club 51

not everyone wants to be free otherwise the trees would 
still breath
a circular validity, cashed-out dignity. i'm certified, 
dried and 
hypnotised don't tell me how to fly 
you are supposed to expose 
those who lie
it's a different kind, no words, no rights, 
only Santas dressed in white 
fears for those who spear a falling musketeer 
i appear not sure where to look, certainty on the hook 
eyes on an old book my mind spins at the speed of an 
unfulfilled dream it grows from toes to nose
handing over a black rose 
i pause, i gaze the unlimited faces, the relentless cases my 
generation appraises trapped in a floating ghetto 
my falsetto, cornetto, old school momento 
stepped out of a fine line being ludicrous is my attire 

Today is another day (what are you thinking?)
I'm meant to feel okay (my mind is sinking)
i stop when i want  
do i want to stop i ask and mask 
my thoughts are covered in mud 
what do you want to be when you grow up
resign recline befriend the light 
lay down your pride a moment of 
fiction arrives it's the magic flute my emotions on mute 
disguise what there is to devise 
so you think to yourself it's only another trick 
damn i'm scared, beware, you are strong 
a magnet of love and despair 
a heir of atonement and son of the warm summer air

Today is another day (what are you thinking?)
I'm meant to feel okay (my mind is sinking)