sticky floors

restless faith

a sip of champaign

a twist of reality

go with the flow

or what you think is the flow


point of despair

once more you need what you initially asked for

a corrosive fear


it’s a mere reflection of who you are

manipulate the taste of signs

silence is a sin

if you can’t refrain from seeing lies


a Sunday roast

The Canterville ghost

preaches redemption

a phantom of pawns

a unique image of shows

stranded in oblivion

stars ask you why

you shine

you always did

i calculate rhymes in tears

i forgot who i was

but you did too

if i lose myself i don’t want to hear a lie

savage eyes

submerge into a flashing image

narrow sight

shredding the light

mindless games

freeze our brains

peace tries to find me

do i

an emotional disaster

a perilous master

i want to think my thoughts through

before i make another mistake

my consciousness is free

but my mind isn’t

how is this good

only the future can tell the truth

i feel i should obey the rules

what do my eyes say

why does my soul pray

fuck it

i’ll go home


Tender music from outer space

A fluorescent impetus drives my soul

Your sizzling face between the ashes

A scream of harmony

The crater opened its mouth

To seduce the ailing species

The time is always nigh in the sky

You said

Your voice is in my voice or rather


I didn’t know where to stop

I never wished to

Synchronise yourself

I don’t want to do it over and over again

I thought of letting you in

To embody my soul

But careful     ‘cause     they’re coming