life as a river that quivers floats on a flowing reality of dubious quality where a ubiquitous authority drags the boat to the shore with no remorse it rewards the best-looking boat where is the prize for the garbage scow the uninvited arrive late but are the ones who bring the change if you want to retain […]

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summer nights

dancing caricatures on the wall. a cold beer on the terrace. sculptured letters on the floor. the moonlight is like laser in our eyes. summer nights. too hot to cuddle, too hot not to. a small speaker that produces loud sounds. low battery. meeting of the eyes. a light breeze caresses the unruly hair. pricky skin. cold beer […]

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shifting concessions pointless interruptions of your peace of mind sometimes i feel i need to bribe my mind to stay calm breathing intervals incubating eagle wings i believe in hope and purity inner strength and kindness when it gets a bit dry and dark trust take a step back and watch your instinct elevate you false […]

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road to nowhere, road to everywhere

  blissful greyness brigades of sleepless nights moving fast, moving slow burning in serendipity glaciers break we fall in sequences squeezing for redemption battlefields of dead souls why so many sad eyes in happy faces wholeness is a matter of perception take a ride with yourself to nowhere, but everywhere pum pum poom poom poom pum […]

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thirsty soul

the light is blind how many times do i need to say i’m fine trapped in a feeling i don’t need the tv is blurry my hands are heavy sometimes the right thing to do is to feel less it’s the past that resides in your eyes the red lights bury the pain the night is […]

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sticky floors

restless faith a sip of champaign a twist of reality go with the flow or what you think is the flow low point of despair once more you need what you initially asked for a corrosive fear why it’s a mere reflection of who you are manipulate the taste of signs silence is a sin […]

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do you know who you are?

what does the heat mean if we are far away for each other to breathe a warm sprinkle of summer a surreal taste of togetherness but alone if you see what i mean i kind of felt it that you did too and it was nice i’d rather have a cold mind eternal faith in […]

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