life as a river that quivers

floats on a flowing reality

of dubious quality

where a ubiquitous authority

drags the boat to the shore

with no remorse

it rewards the best-looking boat

where is the prize for the garbage scow

the uninvited arrive late

but are the ones who bring the change

if you want to retain


you need to master your soul

but it’s the mind that thinks

and builds truths and propositions

reminding you of your failed acquisitions

there is a long path you need to go

to erase the faulty code

but it’s worth the try

listen to your heart before you die


summer nights

dancing caricatures on the wall. a cold beer on the terrace. sculptured letters on the floor. the moonlight is like laser in our eyes. summer nights. too hot to cuddle, too hot not to. a small speaker that produces loud sounds. low battery. meeting of the eyes. a light breeze caresses the unruly hair. pricky skin. cold beer is over. fading sounds, as if coming from afar. it’s black or white. maybe red. the light coming from the street lights. dancing caricatures on the wall. they fall. breathless. careless.

road to nowhere, road to everywhere


REA 092

blissful greyness

brigades of sleepless nights

moving fast, moving slow

burning in serendipity

glaciers break

we fall in sequences

squeezing for redemption

battlefields of dead souls

why so many sad eyes in happy faces

wholeness is a matter of perception

take a ride with yourself

to nowhere, but everywhere

pum pum poom poom poom pum pum

if you don’t lose you can’t find

wild rumours caress your hair

it’s a strange yet liberating feeling


wheels run inside my head

something’s moving



thirsty soul

the light is blind

how many times do i need to say i’m fine

trapped in a feeling i don’t need

the tv is blurry

my hands are heavy

sometimes the right thing to do is to feel less

it’s the past that resides in your eyes

the red lights bury the pain

the night is shy

in the verge of breaking down

it bears no life to apologise

selfish cards

dreams that passed

and never touched your body

i’d be lying to myself if i’d say i didn’t want it

but now i don’t

the locks are locked

steam coming out of my eyes

my breath smokes

it filters all the dirt away



empty void

no rush

hush, begin to brush

colours in your drowning eyes

subject to change

bewildered by what you think is fame

what would a man think

long for a paper promise

breathe your noise til it becomes extinct

a city never sleeps when it dreams

silence is loud when he speaks

sometimes it’s hard to explain

rain gets dry, sun feels cold

and being yourself disobeys the rules

break some glasses on the way

your purpose is not to stay

claim your position in a world full of contradictions

indecision is a crater without a flame

when you’re here eternity lasts for seconds

losing control is my way of showing love

it’s always too much or too little

i’m sorry

sometimes i have no control over myself

but i’m honest

i like it when my tea is hot and i burn my throat

music is something i want to be but i don’t understand it

my eyes are sore and my back hurts

it’s an illusion

fighting with ghosts

summoning the gods

i finally underestimated reality

summer is a good old red wine

the void is empty

Blue Bandanas

A step 
Time to rest
Drown and emerge 
In the sea
The waves can't hear 
In the sea
The waves have no fear

They stop and wait 
The wind blows them away
Nothing is there
In the sea
They come and go 
Eat salt
Dry out 

There are only secrets
In the sea
A man feels weak 
A game of hide and seek
A beast dressed in silk
Feels free
In the sea

The skin is rough 
The fish get tough
In the sea
There is no light
No sound
Just the sun and the waves
I saw them coming

the battles matter

my life in line with my tonic faith to grow and flow through uncorrupted modes on a civilised swing i believe i can dream big is only what i do not what i say i don't care about my name it's better to live in silence and discover the flame undercover infiltrated emperor flicks through the veins of a beating core eyes wide open sometimes can't see the sky but spot the cloud that is about to dry it's hard to care when others don't dare to spare a moment they're scared fresh air is all i need for my senses to breathe the light is closer each time i surrender my thoughts a flashing angel on the phone it's all i need to know

I want 
     a sample of your thoughts 
     a pinch of your beats
I want 
      to scuba dive inside your tears
      forget what it meant to be on the steering wheel 
I want 
     to get sick of your romantic gestures 
     and manipulate your wild nature 
I want
     all those things I never wanted 

Seal the ceiling

Sequels of a daily routine

Cement your life with fears

or illusions

A fraud of a falsified reality

Certified to lie

(to yourself)

It’s the kids’ fault

It’s always the kids’ fault

The adults know how to behave

Surfing on a fish

Driving a lion

She thought she’d found it

She tossed a coin

And run, run, run

Sipping crystallised water

Regenerated her succinct existence


Just for a moment

of optimism

Willing to dry out her skin

To seduce the inauspicious equestrian

Pedestrian lights now guide her home

Where the ghosts rub their fingers around her neck

The soldier is beating the drum

Sulphur silence