life as a river that quivers floats on a flowing reality of dubious quality where a ubiquitous authority drags the boat to the shore with no remorse it rewards the best-looking boat where is the prize for the garbage scow the uninvited arrive late but are the ones who bring the change if you want to retain […]

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shifting concessions pointless interruptions of your peace of mind sometimes i feel i need to bribe my mind to stay calm breathing intervals incubating eagle wings i believe in hope and purity inner strength and kindness when it gets a bit dry and dark trust take a step back and watch your instinct elevate you false […]

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optimum delirium

your sassy feeling do not excite me. sorry. beware of the glare. i paid my life in a fair and square amount of gummy bears. they are so soft, but they stick in your teeth and somehow irresistible, you can’t really say no. like life and choices. my mum (and i think most mums) always tells […]

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Mysterious catastrophes permeate a dream of lust and glory in a poor man’s heart subjective realities, spheres of influence conjure the memories of a future painted in blue auspicious images of life and a monster too far to battle ice in my mind, homeless serenity savages caress your soul and solve your riddle eyes dressed in black, […]

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Sinners are the words never said  that create an atmosphere of mystery or joy and transcend the boundaries of the imagination  to welcome a groovy obstacle on Mars a synonym of lively sequences  that won’t stop  courtesy of the sinners  Bitter serenades  Secession from a fallen world  The soul as an entity  The mind and body  A baffling identity  Galloping […]

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Framboise ice-cream with whipped cream. Yeah this is what I want.

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