do you know who you are?

what does the heat mean if we are far away for each other to breathe a warm sprinkle of summer a surreal taste of togetherness but alone if you see what i mean i kind of felt it that you did too and it was nice i’d rather have a cold mind eternal faith in […]

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quoting love

blinking stars is what i see thinking about menacing fire sitting in the back of my mind staggering among infinite red dreams it’s not the same but it could be different no one knows i gave in a long time ago it’s a rocky ride i never liked the easy way, anyway i can already feel […]

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night owl

besides he had lost his existence for a tiny wee mini second. maybe for more. he was staring at the far end. an empty look. he was thinking. yeah, he was thinking of something. maybe football. maybe what he had for dinner. or maybe of a girl. why are your eyes so small? i didn’t […]

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empty void

no rush hush, begin to brush colours in your drowning eyes subject to change bewildered by what you think is fame what would a man think long for a paper promise breathe your noise til it becomes extinct a city never sleeps when it dreams silence is loud when he speaks sometimes it’s hard to explain […]

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it could be love

purple sky, it’s orangish now oh wait maybe staring at the top of the scene we might be holding hands but it’s pretty over there bittersweet images breed nostalgia the voice of a song sung in public in my head it’s always special fearless crows ignore the bones i might love the situation it’s all […]

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late night lens

Something nice reads my mind I clearly have no control My eyes are hanging Colours are melting There is an itchy noise Floats in the air Screams a peaceful melody Sun’s out Heart’s out A manipulative toy Seeks to play A whistling silence Puzzling power A blazing serenade The Sirens pretend to sing Gambling rocks Numbers […]

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