empty void

no rush

hush, begin to brush

colours in your drowning eyes

subject to change

bewildered by what you think is fame

what would a man think

long for a paper promise

breathe your noise til it becomes extinct

a city never sleeps when it dreams

silence is loud when he speaks

sometimes it’s hard to explain

rain gets dry, sun feels cold

and being yourself disobeys the rules

break some glasses on the way

your purpose is not to stay

claim your position in a world full of contradictions

indecision is a crater without a flame

when you’re here eternity lasts for seconds

losing control is my way of showing love

it’s always too much or too little

i’m sorry

sometimes i have no control over myself

but i’m honest

i like it when my tea is hot and i burn my throat

music is something i want to be but i don’t understand it

my eyes are sore and my back hurts

it’s an illusion

fighting with ghosts

summoning the gods

i finally underestimated reality

summer is a good old red wine

the void is empty


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