This is actually random

The only thing that is black or white is the black and the white. The rest is just shades. Including the soul.

Whenever I make negative thoughts I think of my friends. It’s important to set priorities. Some things matter more.

My mind is full of contradictions. It’s both a curse and a blessing. Depending how you look at it. Bertrand Russell.

Sometimes this is taken for weakness. Sometimes it feels good to be weak.

I’d rather not think, just wander and live. Be free, be me, whatever that means. It’s true. To me. aaahh contradictions

I need music. I need friends. I need peace.

Meaning. Meaning is what makes you feel good. I want to be a better person. I need to understand what this means to me and do it. No excuses.

Life is a surprise. Every fucking second. Borrowing time will only make you owe more. So live it.

Every experience is worth something. Be it good or bad. Only thing, you have to learn to assess it properly in order to make something good out of it. That’s the hard bit.

Life advice is too overrated.


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