soldiers in peace

fatal wounds don't underscore the tombs 
cryptic sights caress my eyes 
drawn to explosions and nights
of flashing lights 
a cry of marvel and shame 
my feelings on ale
search for the need to belong
no more is this the truth 
beats of another era
a glass of sangria will do
my mornings are filled with black
circles inside my head 
ferocious dreams circumvent the spirit
of a broken soul 
fatality, fading abnormality

where do you go when you need to rest
do you ponder and digest 
what life has brought onto your chest
i'd rather just forget everything that makes me quest
it's not a resignation 
it's a full time reservation to crystal days
glorify the pain and learn from the drain 
don't want to drown into disdain 
accomplish perfect frames 
beautiful shapes, glittering shades
hey! pause for a little and bargain with the devil
your cards are worth every single penny 
besiege your only home that is your brain 
through colourful bridges chow mein 


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