the kids are right 

point zero- it's late, unrequested faith, my plans, in vain 
another time, another day, clear the dirt away
get lost through time and space 
i'm not a person who will look at you in disgrace 
find your own pace, it's things that dig a hole 
in your soul that matter 
if i speak louder my voice is shattered 
an endless battle, a rattle- i should probably stutter
'the most important things are the hardest to say' 
even the King hesitates- the moon reneges, i'm no renegade
my eyes look tired in this parade, i couldn't help but bathe
my fears into a burning blaze, erase a past filled with pain
drain those who proclaim to have the reigns- do you believe 
that elves exist-it's my imagination that insists that there
is a world beneath the covers but no one bothers
i can't snorkel if i can't breath

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