Thinking backwards

a trip an obnoxious drip that ceased to gawk at the moonlight after a thousand silicon nights. i heard an unsatisfying noise proclaiming a dead-end, suffocating spirits in digits and limitless flashing feuds. flash.light.the mighty light.the adventurous side of things. eskimos in the fridge. banned for life, sinking in my attire, the duress to dress to impress. a bold fest. how come and we all want to reach the crest? i wonder, an unscrupulous beholder. i fold the sheets, roam the city’s dirty streets, uncanny dreams. do you want to see what i see when i sleep? my life’s in control of me sometimes it’s hard to believe, great times are ahead. a face behind the smoke. hands in the pockets. your eyes on fire.


“Hey, stop doing that!”



“Don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You’re a goofball.”

the kids are right 

point zero- it's late, unrequested faith, my plans, in vain 
another time, another day, clear the dirt away
get lost through time and space 
i'm not a person who will look at you in disgrace 
find your own pace, it's things that dig a hole 
in your soul that matter 
if i speak louder my voice is shattered 
an endless battle, a rattle- i should probably stutter
'the most important things are the hardest to say' 
even the King hesitates- the moon reneges, i'm no renegade
my eyes look tired in this parade, i couldn't help but bathe
my fears into a burning blaze, erase a past filled with pain
drain those who proclaim to have the reigns- do you believe 
that elves exist-it's my imagination that insists that there
is a world beneath the covers but no one bothers
i can't snorkel if i can't breath