scattered reality

There are so many ways to view the world that it gets a bit too overwhelming. Sometimes I imagine I’m a monk in a deserted mountain in the Himalayas. It’s pretty awesome. If in an “emotions vs logic” situation you are leaning towards the former, then good luck. But you are a cool person and probably […]

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a beat of nostalgia

a panicked lady in a leather jacket she is holding a spear in one hand and in the other a dice for every interluding dystopia she could submerge herself in in a robotic voice she muttered “I’ve lost my map” surfing down the alley chased by a black swan a hazy reflection of an anonymous emotion a quest […]

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It could be a fable

the key and the lock intertwined blinded the witty tatty boy with the bow tie tattoo a quirky line seems to be fine to acknowledge the tasteless scent the glow in his face must have made an impression to trap your hands inside your pockets smiling mirrors succumb to the immersion i learnt my lesson too many […]

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