scattered reality

There are so many ways to view the world that it gets a bit too overwhelming. Sometimes I imagine I’m a monk in a deserted mountain in the Himalayas. It’s pretty awesome.

If in an “emotions vs logic” situation you are leaning towards the former, then good luck. But you are a cool person and probably people like you. It’s not easy to be Louis Litt.

Also, telling cool stories doesn’t make you a cool person. Being a cool person makes cool stories.

I think that everyone should be trying harder to be a better person rather than a better professional. But this takes guts and strength, so no one really talks about it.

We are strong in a weak way. If we were really strong we would attempt to change ourselves, instead of trying to change others.

Music can never be happy or sad. It’s always bittersweet.

Sometimes I think people expect too much of me, but then I realise it’s not people it’s me. People don’t think so much about you.

Love can be the answer to many of our problems, but we prefer to go to war instead. Human logic.

So long as we strive for superiority we are going to suffer. Overcoming this  should be our next big goal.

A few days ago I read that if you are a butler you can earn up to £90,000. Big-ups man.

a beat of nostalgia

a panicked lady in a leather jacket

she is holding a spear in one hand and in the other

a dice for every interluding dystopia she could submerge herself in

in a robotic voice she muttered “I’ve lost my map”

surfing down the alley chased by a black swan

a hazy reflection of an anonymous emotion

a quest for a higher ground

to paint the wrath in a mazy symphony

she is now snorkelling

a jaded animal longing for comfort

in a deserted place

a precarious relegation brings reassurance

to her spotted mind

for today

but she shall never lose her map again

and blame herself

for the unscrupulous thoughts

once buried inside a wooden horse

It could be a fable

the key and the lock intertwined

blinded the witty tatty boy

with the bow tie tattoo

a quirky line seems to be fine

to acknowledge the tasteless scent

the glow in his face must have made an impression

to trap your hands inside your pockets

smiling mirrors succumb to the immersion

i learnt my lesson

too many people make me freeze

my knees can’t keep up with the fizz

a gringo yelled my name right

it might have been the night

or the gloomy treasure of a body filled with trails

give me a century’s worth of opportunities

and i will throw them away

a new episode is on tv

that i should go see

if you’re still there take care

no no no if you’re still there take care