Freckles in the sun

Acceptance does not necessarily imply embracement. It simply urges one to acknowledge that a certain situation/fact exists, with all the good and bad side. So for instance when someone asks you to accept capitalism, you don’t need to embrace its ideals, but accept that it exists and try to find a way to fight it. The same with everyday problems. Acceptance is a good thing. Following blindly, whatever it is, is it a situation or a feeling, most certainly isn’t.

It was fine until we reached the deck

‘Reach out for more’ you said and blurred mirrors suffocated us

I’m gonna get my hair cut and styled before the end of the week

Emily said that in China they used to torture prisoners by pouring drops of water on their forehead

The prisoners were thirsty and weary

The past few weeks have been crazy

Living the nomad life yo, bouncing from couch to couch

Doing some travelling as we ought to

We saw glens and lochs and more glens and more lochs

Last Saturday in the club some guy was trying to film our peculiar dance moves

My friends for some reason thought he was trying to take a photo of us and tried to pose

Probably the guy thought we were stupid or something ’cause he carried on filming

We had a good laugh

I don’t want to be the best, the smartest, the prettiest or whatever -est

I want to explore time and space

Life has been a wee bit easier since I learnt to appreciate the little things

Internet but life

a playground of nice feelings

interferes with the dust in our minds

and creates an apocalyptic sense of absorption

a faithless courage and a distinctive heart

overlap and poison our bodies

we write our mantras in permanent ink

searching for hope in our unpredictable future

malicious thoughts of a freedom free of norms and preconditions

merchandised and bottled around our tiny, beautiful dreams

the sea and the sun discuss our lives

and separate our light

to forget our light and life and light and life

a presumptuous lie

Tunnock’s and Irn Bru milkshake (Aye?)

A box filled with little boxes of memories that I wish not to forget

This place will always be the same no matter what or what

Ariadni and Tania love food

They talk about it all the time

They go on this website and can scroll down forever. Endlessly

This is happiness

There’s  this scene in Requiem for a Dream where the mother was all happy to see herself on screen with her red dress and her red hair

I wanted to hug her

Last week I went to a party and danced and was out of rhythm

But it was fun

I met this girl who studied Philosophy and really wanted to have people around her and be cool

We talked  for about 15 minutes and I tried to explain to her that things are easier when you don’t think about them too much

When you let yourself be but I’m not sure if she understood

Maybe she thought I didn’t understand

It’s nice to sit back and enjoy

Like the little boy in his green raincoat who literally didn’t give a single fuck about anything

And he was so cool

He run around, got sad when this other boy was holding his crush’s hand and tried to separate them

Carried on running and playing with a balloon despite the fact that it was pouring

He had so many emotions at the same time though he couldn’t understand

I will miss Taco Mazama and Massala Twist and Woodlands in the wee hours after a night out in city centre

And the drizzle and the west end accent and the shaking-i-might-brake-if-i’m-overweight train wagons in the Subway

And the underground scene and the staying-fit-going-to-viper conglomerate

It’s been a pleasure

Hasta la vista Glasgow