mind games are just for fun

‘Due to unforeseen operations the restaurant will remain closed until further notice’. Imagine you have to meet an important deadline or go to a  general meeting and tell your boss that ‘due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be able to hand it in on time/attend the meeting’ and he will be like ‘yeah, no biggie, I understand’ haha funny.

Sometimes i pretend that I am a dog and it feels so good to be a dog, because everyone treats you nicely and no one really expects anything of you. Like you can’t help it, you are cute. Have you heard anyone say ‘i hate this dog’ (except for chihuahuas, i don’t like chihuahuas). Dogs are there to make you happy and even if they don’t mean it they do. It’s cool to be a dog. And then i wonder why sometimes people treat you like shit, despite you being a cute dog, they are taking all their shit out on you. And you are only there to offer some sort of entertainment to their boring lives. And then i remember that most people are cats.

Some days it feels good to get the best grade, to win 3-0 straight sets, to see your favourite band playing live and have Risotto al funghi. I think i will not get out of my 10-year-old  pyjamas and watch tv. all day. mmm pasta with red sauce sounds delicious.


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