Mysterious catastrophes permeate a dream

of lust and glory in a poor man’s heart

subjective realities, spheres of influence

conjure the memories of a future painted in blue

auspicious images of life and a monster

too far to battle

ice in my mind, homeless serenity

savages caress your soul and solve your riddle

eyes dressed in black, a mild throwback

a distant apprehension, a delirium of affection

this is a shy choice, it’s the balance of your inner voice

caricatures of pain and shame will be the sirens of the game

i am a person on my own sometimes

it hurts to need  home

it’s the past that will last forever anyway

why breath in and close your eyes today

reality is an orphan herd

buttress your senses in a heaven filled with night flowers

all this time i was playing chess with the Devil

but now I found my church

This time it’s mine


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