Mysterious catastrophes permeate a dream of lust and glory in a poor man’s heart subjective realities, spheres of influence conjure the memories of a future painted in blue auspicious images of life and a monster too far to battle ice in my mind, homeless serenity savages caress your soul and solve your riddle eyes dressed in black, […]

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TIme flies or maybe I am lost We are what we make of it  but sometimes we give up so damn easy  if only you knew how strong you are  time won’t disappear if it doesn’t exist    i was there, all the time, i was there  was I, was I, was I   Loneliness can […]

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Cry boy, cry out not your eyes but your soul pyramids of sceptical thoughts oh boy do they need to become sand stand up. sit down. stand up no matter how hard you try it’s just a flash  no lights after the party  break your silence  crystallise your shadow a getaway from reality a gateway […]

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