Sinners are the words never said  that create an atmosphere of mystery or joy and transcend the boundaries of the imagination  to welcome a groovy obstacle on Mars a synonym of lively sequences  that won’t stop  courtesy of the sinners  Bitter serenades  Secession from a fallen world  The soul as an entity  The mind and body  A baffling identity  Galloping […]

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Don’t know how to start this. Basically, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you guys for reading my blog and believe me when I say that it truly means a lot. Also, if you have any recommendations in terms of the content, anything that you’d like me to write about let me know […]

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La juventud (who-ventud)

Intergalactic souvenirs impress our lives we are still young and fresh we drive, drink, dance, live fast and then we trip over ourselves to belong in a turmoil of insecurity Simplicity is not an option for the kids of the future Disgrace in their face is a mighty power always looking for a saviour to […]

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