Sinners are the words never said 

that create an atmosphere of mystery or joy

and transcend the boundaries of the imagination 

to welcome a groovy obstacle on Mars

a synonym of lively sequences 

that won’t stop 

courtesy of the sinners 

Bitter serenades 

Secession from a fallen world 

The soul as an entity 

The mind and body 

A baffling identity 

Galloping waves of stubborn feelings 

Reproduce pedantic realities 

Notes sung in gunpowder

Ghost stories sealing deals

It’s so stressful to make sense

A reckless motivation is the remedy 

Don’t know how to start this. Basically, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you guys for reading my blog and believe me when I say that it truly means a lot. Also, if you have any recommendations in terms of the content, anything that you’d like me to write about let me know and I’ll do my best to fulfil your demands. ha!

In the meantime, here’s a song for you to enjoy (hopefully)!

La juventud (who-ventud)

Intergalactic souvenirs

impress our lives

we are still young and fresh

we drive, drink, dance, live fast

and then we trip over ourselves

to belong in a turmoil of insecurity

Simplicity is not an option

for the kids of the future

Disgrace in their face

is a mighty power

always looking for a saviour

to take them out of their unavoidable fatalism

furious silence in their bodies

hectic confusion in their minds

‘how long does it last?’

you ask

‘i just wanna have a blast’

‘how long does it last?’

It’s sunny outside

for once

let’s go cycling

’cause it’s warm for now