It’s OK to eat alone: Q&A with Susan Cain


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By far the most viewed talk from TED2012 was given by an introvert who doesn’t like talking. Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, quietly and powerfully delivered a call to action: take introverts seriously and understand what they can do in the right environment.

There is, of course, much more to say, and maybe an introvert should also talk in a one-on-one setting. So TED’s Ben Lillie called her up for an extended conversation about the terrors of public speaking, how her issue is one of civil rights, and the neuroscience behind personalities.

What was it like giving a TEDTalk, as opposed to some of the other talks you’ve given?

It was a lot scarier, for one thing.

So how did you get through that?

Well, there was “How did I prepare for it?” and then “How did I…

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Hello to whoever reads this blog! 

Remember I promised I would try to share more sort of personal stuff? Well, here’s something I watched recently and thought it was pretty interesting. It’s a talk by one of the most inspirational people in the field of education, Sir Ken Robinson. It’s also worth checking his other stuff as well.

‘Human culture is essentially unpredictable but it accumulates over the creative activities of individuals feeding off each other’. Education will not come from the top down, rather from the bottom up. People are keen to teach themselves and each other when found in the right environment. Schools need to change the way they view teaching. We have to understand that teaching and learning are two interrelated dynamic concepts, rather than simply an active/passive process.

So let’s see what you people think!

Much ado about everything

We used to undress our dreams in the dark

serve them with petals and wine

nothing drew our attention 

they probably weren’t true 


the greatness of our future condemned our present

we lied in bed more than we should have (maybe)

the night used to be scared of us

and anxiously turn into morning 


we got into the car 

jumped into muddy waters with signs that said

‘do not enter’

they never existed in our imagination


a trick of our minds to express a reality without conditionality 

someone’s knocking on my door 

i need to get up

you flinched (i didn’t)

What I meant

Away I am away

Distilled in a pond of madness

Silver ducks they jump

Several things come to my mind when i don’t think

Samurai in disguise 

No stories for petty artists

Our philosophers should be respected

Are we still waiting? 

Just fated to 

not succumb to the future

A curfew for the romantic ones

Oh stop it

Say something nice

You look pretty tonight

Say it

Grant authority to your emotions

They can’t betray you

I don’t know anymore