A deformed pain trembling across my body

A fiery seduction of senses

Pledging gratitude 

To a solemn heart


My eyes are shivering 

I float in dense air

A crooked reality

A jailed smile


If I can’t find you 

I will have your eyes

You said

Finding me 

Finding you

Finding Nemo


Love is a virgin






Idolatrous love


What is the message, you may ask

Portraits of horrifically beautiful gods

Their faces mirror the vanity of their petrified existence


They came late to the party                           Scandalous adventures

                                             Of a bored routine

A roar of a baby

Sentenced to live lively

In disdain


A sacred passion

A distorted belief


Too great to expect

Too tight to set loose

But here we go again

Trickles of uneasy laughs

Glasses of desperation

But it all seemed fine

We said nothing to not say some thing

And it was fine

Teasing friendly strangers

To protect ourselves

Dancing with friendly strangers

To enjoy ourselves

It’s all part of the game

I don’t want to give up

It amusingly frightens me

But it’s part of the game

And I don’t want to give up yet

A moment of harmony

A deep, long breath

Until I spit out uncomfortable emotions

A sabotaged smile

Flowers in my tears

Let’s go back where it all ended