I saw him walking under the silicon moon The piano keys were wobbling Fearless An attraction to distraction He furnished his mind with woven secrets A symbiotic symphony Took a sip of the elixir of life And went out into the woods To cure his dementia in the Cave An abstention from his future Freed […]

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Buy me a conscience  then i can be like you  backfire my humanity  reallocate my senses trash my nocturnal fears be me but be the others my iphone is not working trapped in my self(ie) a miss is as good as a mile(y)  

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A deformed pain trembling across my body A fiery seduction of senses Pledging gratitude  To a solemn heart   My eyes are shivering  I float in dense air A crooked reality A jailed smile   If I can’t find you  I will have your eyes You said Finding me  Finding you Finding Nemo   Love […]

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Inception.reception.affection.deception Exeption Idolatrous love   What is the message, you may ask Portraits of horrifically beautiful gods Their faces mirror the vanity of their petrified existence   They came late to the party                           Scandalous adventures                                              Of a bored routine A roar of a baby Sentenced to live lively In disdain   A sacred passion […]

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Too great to expect

Too tight to set loose But here we go again Trickles of uneasy laughs Glasses of desperation But it all seemed fine We said nothing to not say some thing And it was fine Teasing friendly strangers To protect ourselves Dancing with friendly strangers To enjoy ourselves It’s all part of the game I don’t […]

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