Seal the ceiling

Sequels of a daily routine

Cement your life with fears

or illusions

A fraud of a falsified reality

Certified to lie

(to yourself)

It’s the kids’ fault

It’s always the kids’ fault

The adults know how to behave

Surfing on a fish

Driving a lion

She thought she’d found it

She tossed a coin

And run, run, run

Sipping crystallised water

Regenerated her succinct existence


Just for a moment

of optimism

Willing to dry out her skin

To seduce the inauspicious equestrian

Pedestrian lights now guide her home

Where the ghosts rub their fingers around her neck

The soldier is beating the drum

Sulphur silence


2006 more times.Dry on the table like a clock.Done it.Repeated it.I see you.From Venus.Falling.This star from a thousands years ago.Unique.It never goes out.My behaviour is yours.Antithetically sympathetic.I believe you.It doesn’t matter.I think I saw them.In the cave.Walk slowly.They’re hunting immoral beasts.


Supernatural disasters

abide by the chaotic rules

until the dove squeals with delight

an ode to the living dead

They don’t respond

They can’t respond

And my mind is floating into a puddle of lava

I can’t write simple words anymore

I get distracted too easily

I wanted to follow myself

to see where I was going

but got lost in one of my reflections

Simultaneous objections shivering in my head

Lose control only when you have control

And don’t forget

Dance and you may understand the song