People and things (don’t happen)

Get off your spacecraft
Get a view of the barbaric, mundane world
It’s slowly decomposing and your shoes will get muddy
Be fast
Designed by obligation, heirs of reiteration
Back up your favourite music
Wash your neat clothes,
Dust off your precious books
Go back and listen to the Sirens of the past
It’s the only way to rest our souls and trick ourselves
Worn off
And the Smiths are getting old and weary
Misery, nostalgia, fatalism
The three enemies of progress
Why do you always come back when I need you least?


We were lying under the celestial sky
Bending our heads
Pledging allegiance
Time, senseless time
It devoured us
Perfect timing for emotional people
Or daunting
It was when I discovered why eternal happiness cannot exist
Tattered Roses
I preferred not to talk
Silence never ruins a moment


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