Rhythm of explosion

You were there Weren’t you You saw my humiliated figure whispering unshaped words Didn’t you You were as if looking at me but never opened your mouth Or did you   Sometimes it feels just right to drop your hands and dance in circles Otherwise it would be too predictable Boredom will soon be a […]

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People and things (don’t happen)

Get off your spacecraft Get a view of the barbaric, mundane world Beware It’s slowly decomposing and your shoes will get muddy Be fast Designed by obligation, heirs of reiteration Back up your favourite music Wash your neat clothes, Dust off your precious books Go back and listen to the Sirens of the past It’s […]

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no

The youth is happy, but not excited The youth is pretty, but not beautiful The youth is smart, but not intelligent The youth is ugly, but not appalling The youth is lonely and not alone The youth is empty and not bored The youth is disorientated and not lost They youth is not unhappy, but […]

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Vicious circle

  Don’t get me wrong We weren’t being us   Getting on the bus He drew caricatures on the ticket Between the thick Arial Black letters Create a collage of papers He run, always run through every dangerously obscure corner of the city Feeling the sordid clouds embracing him He was ethereal Handsome boy looking […]

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It was about four years ago, or maybe five. Genuinely, I can’t remember. The sun was burning every inch of our sweaty bodies and the freezing cold cokes or beers weren’t much of a help. The beach was becoming unfeasible to step on due to the high temperature of the rather golden sand. And we […]

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